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eLearning: Resources for busy careers

Is your work schedule often unpredictable? Our members have access to convenient technology resources to fit your busy life.

Free video-based technical courses:
Reserve a time slot and view the course of your choosing during that one-week timeframe. New courses are often added, with many matching latest software releases. You can take an entire course or just pick and choose among certain topic areas within it. The courses are comprised of 5 to 10 minute components with the ability to stop, go back and replay. These courses are a $35 per month value for each member. For complete information,view the scheduling instructions and visit the  MCWT usage schedule.

Members-only LinkedIn Group: Join our exclusive MCWT LinkedIn Group, and add the prestigious MCWT logo on your profile. Type in MCWT under the “groups” field or click here. If you are a MCWT member, you should be accepted within five to seven business days.