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eLearning: Resources for busy careers

Is your work schedule often unpredictable? Our members have access to convenient technology resources to fit your busy life. technical courses has been upgraded to the LinkedIn Learning platform: 

The new platform does not integrate with our model for providing access. This benefit will end during the month of February 2018 and the exact date is determined by our usage. In order to request access to LinkedIn Learning, you'll need a LinkedIn Account which includes the email address you use with MCWT. Visit the MCWT usage schedule and then email lyndalearning@ with a subject line of “Request Time Slot”. In the body of the email, be specific if you can about what time slot you’d like (e.g., Jan 3-5). The MCWT administrator will verify that your MCWT membership is current (dues are paid up). You will then receive a meeting notice from the lyndalearning@ with your reserved time slot. The morning your time slot begins, you will recieve an email from messages-noreply@ with steps to activate the benefit on your account. 


Members-only LinkedIn Group: Join our exclusive MCWT LinkedIn Group, and add the prestigious MCWT logo on your profile. Type in MCWT under the “groups” field or click here. If you are a MCWT member, you should be accepted within five to seven business days.