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MCWT Mentoring 

Aligned with our mission to inspire and grow women in IT, MCWT offers members a free mentoring program.

Ignite! 2.0 Mentoring Program

Are you early in your IT career or making a mid-career transition to IT? Then the Ignite! 2.0 mentoring program may be for you. It is designed for early career IT professionals who want to make an investment in their career development. Technical skills and determination alone may not be enough to get you to where you want to be. Sometimes you need guidance from someone who has been there. This program enables you to build a relationship with and get insight from a seasoned IT professional who has likely overcome many of the challenges you may face in your career.

Ignite! 2.0 mentoring program is flexible and designed to fit in with school, work, family and other commitments. Each mentee will be matched with a mentor based on several factors including geography, goals, areas of mutual interest and expertise. Mentees can also participate in social networking events as part of the program. Each month, you will receive emails with suggested communication topics to discuss with your mentor. 



Ignite! 2.0 Mentor Webinar

Ignite! 2.0 Handbook